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TopDevice TDE 303/5.1

photo TopDevice TDE 303/5.1

Added in catalog: 29.07.2013

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Product features

Main characteristics
Number of channels  5.1 
The total capacity of  65 W 
Color  silver-black 
Material housing front speaker/sattelitov  plastic 
Housing material subwoofer  MDF 
Frequency range  50-18000 Hz 
Signal/noise ratio  65 Db 
Channel separation  40 Db 
Functional capabilities
remote control  wired/wireless 
Power  from the network 
Line input multi-channel  yes 
Headphone connector  yes 
The number of bands front speakers 
The power of the front speakers  8 W 
The power of the subwoofer  25 W 
The power of the central channel  8 W 
Power rear speaker  8 W 
Diameter speakers front speakers  1x63.5 mm 
The diameter of the subwoofer speakers  1x101.6 mm 
The diameter of the center channel speaker  1x63.5 mm 
Diameter speakers rear speaker  1x63.5 mm 
More information
Dimensions front speaker  88х140х100 mm 
Size rear speaker  88х140х100 mm 
The size of the central channel  88х140х100 mm 
The size of the subwoofer  265х168х358 mm 

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