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On this page you can find the photo, characteristics and rating of the Intel Celeron Conroe-L.

Specifications are divided into the following categories: general characteristics, the kernel, cache, instructions, optional

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Intel Celeron Conroe-L

photo Intel Celeron Conroe-L

Added in catalog: 30.07.2013

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Product features

General characteristics
Socket  LGA775 
Processor speed  1800 2200 Mhz... 
Bus frequency  800 Mhz 
The voltage at the core of  0.962 1.3 IN... 
The coefficient of multiplication  9...11 
Integrated memory controller  no 
The Kernel
The Kernel  Conroe-L 
Number of cores  1...2 
Technological Process  65 nm 
The amount of cache L1  32 64 Kb... 
The amount of L2 cache  512 Kb 
Split L2 cache  no 
Support HT  no 
Support for 3DNow  no 
Support for AMD64/EM64T  yes 
Support SSE2  yes 
Support for SSE3  yes 
Support for SSE4  no 
Support for NX Bit  yes 
Support For Virtualization Technology  no 
Heat Dissipation  35 65 W... 
Maximum operating temperature  60.4...yes C 

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