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Chieftec GPS-550AB A 550W

photo Chieftec GPS-550AB A 550W

Added in catalog: 15.01.2012

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Product features

General characteristics
Power  550 Watts 
Standard  ATX12V 2.0/ EPS12V 
PFC  active 
Cooling system  1 fan (120 mm) 
A type of connector for the motherboard  20 4 pin 
The number of connectors 4-pin CPU 
The number of terminals 8-pin CPU 
The number of connectors 6-pin PCI-E 
The number of connectors 15-pin SATA 
The number of connectors 4-pin IDE 
The number of connectors 4-pin Floppy 
Current strength
Current on-line 3.3  28 A 
Current on line 5  26 A 
Current on line 12 IN 1  18 A 
Current on line 12 IN 2  18 A 
Current on line 12 AT 3  18 A 
Current on-line -12 V  0.2 A 
Current line 5 V Standby  2.5 A 
More information
Noise level  27 Dba 
Color  grey 
Overvoltage protection  yes 
Overload protection  yes 
Short circuit protection  yes 
Dimensions (width x height x depth)  87x150x140 mm 

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